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 Enat The Flame

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Enat The Flame KhCAo

Enat The Flame RussetWolf

Enat The Flame W6kMH
(Gaelic for little fire and Hebrew for fountain; eye)

Nattie, Nats

Completely female

Enat The Flame OZqCo
Slightly shorter than most in length
Fur Colour:
Russet Red
Eye Colour:
Lemon yellow eyes with flecks of silver
The markings she possesses that break up her red coat are white over her legs right up to her body, running along the underside of her tail too. Black marks her ears and ends the tip of her tail. Other than these her coat has no other colours.
A few small scars lie across her muzzle (these are the only visible scars) there is one on the back of her front left leg and another on her right shoulder.
She is well muscled but also has a petite appearance. Enat is slightly shorter than most females.

Enat The Flame 34ifwg8
coloured by Garrett

Enat The Flame FRAh1
She has no crush, and not mate to speak of.

She has had none of these, although she would like some.

Adah (Hebrew for adornment)
Natan (Hebrew for Old Spice Guy has given)
Amzi (Hebrew for strong),
Taho (Native American for edge of the lake),
Evan (Hebrew for Old Spice Guy is gracious)

Saya (Japanese for swift arrow)

♠Other Family♠
Mirit (Hebrew for sweet as wine)
Cadmon (Gaelic for wise warrior)
Macqorye (don't know)
Artemis (Greek for follower of the goddess Artemis )
Anubis (Egyptian for ruler of the dead)
Gallilao (Italian for from Galilee)
Romulus (Latin for man of Rome)/ Garrett (Germanic fore strength of the spear)
And Corliss (English for cheerful; joy)/ Shilga (Hebrew for snow)

Enat is a nice wolf, you just need some time to get to know her.
Beware those in this category, you must have done something terrible to loose her trust like this.

Enat The Flame Tumblr_m81c6kc4KK1qf9ncgo1_500

Enat The Flame WqMZT
Enat can be rather cautious with strangers, so don’t wonder why she acts toward you with hostility if you’re new. This female is only trying to protect her pack family. She cares greatly about those wolves and they mean the world to her. In the past she had fought for her pack and would not hesitate to do it again and again if need be. Though, to this day she has never actually killed a wolf.
Her temper is short and small things have been known to set her off. Enat intensely dislikes whiny wolves that don’t get what they want.
Enat loves hunting challenges and is pretty good too. It has been known that she could take you fishing if you’ve never gone before.
This female’s emotions are usually not very difficult to decipher. Often they can be as easy to read as an open book. Not very often is she able to keep what she is feeling off her face.

This ref is thanks to the amazing DarkHeartSeer!
Enat The Flame 9jez9t

((Short History))She grew up with a strong pack. She had five pups in her litter and two older brothers and an older sister. One night when she was 2 years old a fire spread through the forest. She was the only one to get out alive. She left her packs land and went in search of a pack. She had many confrontations with other pack. Some ended in fights, others she was just told to leave. A twice she was accepted into packs but they didn't last long. The first time she was accused of killing the litter of pups. What really happened was that she was trying to protect them from a cougar. She was found by the pack surrounded by the pups bodies and her muzzle covered in blood. She was banished immediately after a swift beating from the alphas. The second time she joined a pack one of the females took on an intense dislike for her and spread horrible lies about her causing her to be thrown out of the pack. She has been alone ever since wishing for a pack to which she could call family.

((Full history: to be updated as I finish more of it.))
A female wolf with russet fur sits with her back to you. Her black ears are perked and her white bottomed tail with a black tip is curled around her. She stands, revealing her white legs, and turns to face you. You gaze into her lemon yellow eyes, noticing the flecks of silver in them. “Do you really want to know about my past?” she asks. “Very well.”

Enat was born alongside her three brothers and one sister. The proud mother and father were so happy. They were starting a pack of their own, and the last seasons pups hadn't made it. The five pups were so different from each other, personality wise and coat wise. Each day they grew, playing together.

When the pups were two months old their parents took them on a journey to the rendezvous site they would live at until next spring. Adah and Natan had a hard time herding all their pups on the journey. They all seemed to want to play the entire time and each in a different direction. All so curious about the world around them.

“How about we stop by my sister's territory?” Natan asked, “It sure would be good to have a break from all these little ones. She is dominant of a fairly large pack.” Adah smiled, “If you don't think she and her mate will mind then why not? Let's go. I'm sure our brood will love some other pups to play with.” So they headed off toward Natan's sister's territory.

Enat The Flame Broken__and_alone_by_horseg27-d47v9vw

Natan gave a howl as they neared the territory. He received a few defending howls before hearing the one he was hoping for. His sister was giving the all clear. Entering the territory they first came across some guards. They did not say anything but walked alongside the small pack. The guards were so large, in the pups eyes and they became afraid. All of them walked very close to their parents.

Entering the den-site there stood two wolves with six pups around them that appeared to be the dominants. A few other wolves milled around but Natan ignored them all. “Mirit!” he barked joyfully and ran up to a black female. Mirit grinned and nuzzled her brother. “Welcome to our lands, Natan” she said softly, “This is my mate Cadmon.” Natan nodded at the grey-cream male.

“This here is my mate Adah,” Natan introduced, “And these are my pup. Come on guys come up and introduce yourselves.” The pups had so far remained huddled together near their mother. With their father's prompting they came forward and stood in front of the other pups. “I'm Saya,” barked a slightly smaller light brown female. “The name's, Amzi,” a darker brown male barked. “I'm Enat,” a female with reddish fur barked. Another male, this time with light brown fur spoke up, “My name's, Taho.”Lastly a male with brown fur that was slightly reddish barked, “I'm, Evan.”

The six pups belonging to the pack piped up. Four greyish coloured males went first. “I'm Macqorye.” “My names Artemis.” “I'm Gallilao.” “Anubis here.” Two smaller pups, lighter in colour than the rest sat to the side. The male spoke first, “I'm Romulus.”

The small light coated female sat not saying anything. She was carefully observing each of the pups with her eyes that held specks of amber. Only when nudged by her light coated brother did she mutter quietly, “Oh, right.” Making her voice louder she addressed those waiting, “I'm...” she paused almost as if she had forgotten what she was going to say, although she hadn't. “Corliss...” her voice drifted off.

A chorus of hi's and hello's came from the five siblings. “Mother said you're our cousins,” Enat barked. “C'mon, let's go play hunting. You can be the elk this time Taho,” barked Amzi.
“But I'm always the elk,” he whined.“You're not always the elk, I was it last time so you can be it this time,” his brother shot back.

Nine of the eleven pups ran off to play. Two females remained; Enat and Corliss. Enat walked up to the smaller white pup and sat in front of her. She offered the other pup a bright smile, “Hi, Corliss.” She tilted her head and gazed curiously at the shy pup who didn't reply. “You don't say much, do you?” “I do say something sometimes,” came the reply. “She speaks!” the flamy red pup exclaimed. “Yes, of course I do,” Corliss replied, wrinkling her nose in annoyance.

Enat chuckled, “No need to get snappy about it. How come you didn't follow the others to play, anyway?” Corliss looked down at her paws, “There are so many of them, all together, and I don't really play with my brothers anyway” “Haha, my brothers and sister are nothing to be worried about and I'm sure neither are yours,” Enat stood, “How about just you and me play? We could play hide and seek.” Corliss looked up, a smile on her face. “Ok.” “Great, I'll count.” Enat lay down and placed her paws over her eyes.

The white pup quickly ran off. She headed toward her parents who were talking with Enat's parents. Going up to her father she began to rub herself against his fur. Cadmon (her father) chuckled, knowing exactly why she was doing it. Enat's parents (Adah and Natan) looked at the white pup quizzically until Natan asked, “What's she doing?” Cadmon grinned, “Why don't you tell them, Corliss?” The pup continued for a moment longer before stopping and turning to the two wolves. “I'm masking my own scent with, Daddy's.”

She rubber herself on him a bit more before dashing off to find a hiding place. Coming across a nice leafy bush she crawled underneath. There were some branches close to the ground just large enough to hold a young pups weight. Being very careful Corliss was able to climb a few branches high. Now anyone poking their head under the bush wouldn't immediately notice her.

Back with Enat, she had finished counting to fifty. “Ready or not, here I come!” she barked. Lowering her nose to the ground she set her nose to work. Though still learning, she managed to pick up Corliss' trail quiet easily. Walking with her head down she wasn't watching where she was going. Before she knew it she had run into Cadmon, bouncing off him she fell into a sitting position. “Are you alright, dear?” asked her mother. “I'm fine,” Enat snapped picking herself up and searching for Corliss' trail again. She became puzzled as she couldn't find it.

Walking around and around in circles she searched for the white pups scent. Not finding anything she padded up to the adult wolves. “Which way did she go?” Natan grinned at his fiery red daughter. “We shan't tell you. Just use your nose and you'll figure it out.”

A pout appeared on Enat's face. She didn't like that answer. However, being a determined pup she set off sniffing again. She realised that something went very wrong with the scents as she got closer to Cadmon. His and Corliss' scents completely intermingled with each other. “That's odd,” she muttered. What was weirder was that Cadmon's scent then went off in another direction.

Not sure what she'd find, little Enat decided to follow the scent trail of Cadmon. Trotting along she noticed that the scent came up to a bush. It didn't go past the bush, it just stopped there. The small sound of snickering caught her attention. Her head shot up and her black ears were perked trying to pick out the direction of the sound. If she was not mistaken it was from the bush. “Bushes don't laugh, but pups do,” she muttered.

Crouching down low, Enat crawled under the bush. The laughter had stopped but there was as sudden rustle of the leaves. She looked up to see Corliss lying on a branch, her paws over her mouth as laughter danced in her eyes. “Found you!” Enat barked.

Corliss could not contain her laughter any longer and it burst forth. “I had you fooled though!” Hopping down from the branch she nudged Enat, “Tag!” she barked and burst out of the bush. Enat was shocked before a smile lit up her face. “I'm going to get you!” She chased after the white pup.

“Corliss hasn't smiled, since the incident,” commented Cadmon as he watched the pups play. He was now glad that his mate's brother had come for a visit. Seeing his daughter smile again was worth it.

The two female pups continued their play away from the others until they were too tired to continue. Corliss plopped down and rolled onto her back. Enat dropped down to her stomach next to the white pup. Looking over at Corliss, Enat noticed something on the white pup's left paw. “Hey what's that?” asked a nosy Enat.

The young Corliss rolled onto her stomach and turned over her left paw. She looked down at it, many emotions flashing through her eyes at once. “It is the mark of death. My brothers ran our Beta male off a cliff... “

Enat can't run for long distances. She's absolutely terrible at catching fish, though she really likes to try. Her short temper is also one of her great downfalls. Be careful of your face.
She is strong and moderately fast. This helped aid her in being a good hunter.
She is able to strike quick and strike hard, whether it be a prey or enemy.
Her tail will often flick around when she's nervous.

Enat The Flame Enat_by_horseg27-d38tte7
Coloured by me.

I would love to say I drew all the pictures but I did not. The lineart belongs to it's owners.

Ref of Enat and her cousin Shilga

Enat The Flame The_snow_and_the_flame_by_horseg27-d3axw78
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Its mini-Nattie! Very Happy yays
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lol who you calling mini!
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awesome bio and refs! (:
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Can't wait to see how she is out of SRP again!
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Thanks! Yeah, it shall be interesting to start over with her.
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Nattie, Yay!!!!

I love her new ref to pieces!!
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Enat The Flame
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