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 Moon Runners Bio

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PostSubject: Moon Runners Bio   Moon Runners Bio EmptyTue Oct 16, 2012 7:38 am

Wolfs Name: Moon Runner
Wolfs Nickname(s): Moon
Wolfs Age: 2
Wolfs Gender: Female
Fur Color: Black, Brown and White

Eye Color: Amber
Markings/Scars: See Avvie
Build: Slim, long-legged
Family: Mother - Star, Father - Kiro
Personality: Calm, quiet, loving fae who is very respectful.

History of your Wolf: Moon was the oly pup of her parents first litter and they loved her to bits. She grow up with full attention making her a strong survior.
Mate or Pups: None
Friends: None
Enemies: None
Weaknesses of your Wolf: Never did much big group fighing, not very sure around massive groups of wolves
Strengths of your Wolf: Very strong minded, knows when to speak up and when to keep quiet
General Habits: She often wonders off to explore

Extra: She is looking for a kind male to become mates with
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Moon Runners Bio
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